Cosmetic applications for "her" and "him"

Beauty pause facial treatment
Short Intensive cleaning, care, face- & Deco meaning massage

40 Min.59,00 Euro

Pampering facial
Cleansing, peeling, ampoules, regenerative care, facial and décolleté massage with relaxation effect through the use of warm & cool rose quartz balls, mask from white and green clay, final day care

70 Min.83,00 Euro
+ Color eyelashes 10 Min.16,00 Euro
+ Eyelashes plucking 10 Min.12,00 Euro
+ Eyebrow tinting 10 Min.18,00 Euro
+ Depilation with hot wax cartridge 10 Min.25,00 Euro
Pedicure without varnish
Can you compensate for small beauty faults make your feet fit again. Footbath, remove of the cornea, nails short and filing, foot massage
40 Min.45,00 Euro
Manicure without varnish
Your finger nails will be filed and polished. Handbad, nail file, short and hand massage
25 Min.36,00 Euro
+ Paint as an Option 15 Min.12,00 Euro

Prices in EUR incl. Vat

Primavera Specials

Effective natural cosmetic treatments with precious oils, essences and precious stones for the natural beauty of the lights. The sustainable treatments are adapted to the individual skin type. For this purpose we offer energy-rich water or a soothing tea.

Prices in EUR incl. Vat

Body Treatment

Active Detox back treatment
For a clear and fresh back
40 Min.59,00 Euro
Active Detox foot treatment Juniper Cypress
Clean feet and new power
40 Min.59,00 Euro
Nature Body Experience (Spa Treatment Award 2012)
Pampering and friendly and caring short vacation for the body and spirit with a cocktail of aroma therapy and body care for complete relaxation
85 Min.107,00 Euro
Aurum Manus
Associated with the stimulation of certain acupuncture points and meridians, the massage is for a deep relaxation of body, mind and soul. You will experience a "flowing dance" of warm hands,
in which different gemstone balls are involved. The therapy is done with special "Aurum Manus" gemstone massage balls and massage oils from Primavera. The gentle movements of the balls have a regenerating effect and contribute to deep relaxation and stress management.
85 Min.112,00 Euro
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